This is an advanced course to SAP2000 focusing on civil and industrial examples on applications of SAP2000


SAP2000 is one of the most widely used structural analysis and design software products worldwide. This is an advanced course to SAP2000 focusing on specific civil and industrial structural engineering examples including modelling, analysis and result presentation. The attendees will be full scale design and engineering of 2 (civil and industrial) structural engineering examples. The examples will include static and dynamic (seismic) loadings in compliance with EC provisions.


Learning objectives

Learn how to model, perform analysis, present results and perform member code checking and verification of system stability for complex civil and industrial structures with SAP2000.


Target group

Structural engineers performing design engineering of civil and industrial buildings built up of beams and plates.


12 classes (6 weeks)



Intermediate knowledge in structural engineering is required. Introduction knowledge of SAP2000 is necessary.


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Vusal Jabbarov



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29 April 2022

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